The Problem 

Staying in touch with friends and family via phone calls, FaceTime and social media can leave you feeling like you are missing out on the fun. Research shows that social media affects your mental health in a host of negative ways- it can trigger sadness, jealously and anxiety. 


The Solution 

Play Bucket allows you to join in the fun by creating interactive scavenger hunts to be completed in real time. Instead of passively scrolling through your friends travel pictures, enrich your life by completing challenges together.



Play Bucket's branding connects directly with the company's mission to create a fun, competitive and community oriented. The logo is simple but recognizable. Our header font is called Lobster, a wink and nod at the beachy bucket theme. For the body font I chose Lato, a fun and commonly available font which meant utilizing it across our website and app was seamless.



Before setting out to create the wireframe we had a sense of what we wanted to accomplish with the app without having a clear sense of the user flow. By creating the wireframe we outlined how users will go about creating and playing a bucket. By incorporating a native camera the users can verify they completed scavenger tasks and real life rewards encourage competition.

← click play to see the wireframe in action


App Design

One of the hardest things as a designer is to call a project "done." With the MVP Prototype our goal was to get to 60% and before moving to development. Our objective was to get the MVP into users hands as quickly as possible so we could run tests.

click through the prototype here →


Adobe Creative jam



The Problem

A group of designers were prompted with the question "How can you make it easier to be a superhero in New York? " and directed to create a UX prototype within 3 hours.

In my old neighborhood in Williamsburg a fire hydrant was spouting out water for the better part of a day before someone alerted the city. Emergency services often note that citizens will call them for major things like a fire or burglary, but seemingly minor things like a downed wire go unreported.


The Solution

My partner Paula and I decided to create a Waze like app prototype for navigating the streets of New York called Maverick. Our app turns every New Yorker into a hero who can report sidewalk construction, a crowded subway stop or a hazard.

The app allows you to see when other superheroes are nearby and grants you power up points when you report things.



Inspired by the hero theme, we designed our app to have a classic comic book feel. Our prototype is of a recurring user, Jessica, using the app to get walking directions. We also feature her reporting an issue and checking out other heroes in the area.

click through the prototype →


Powder & Paint




Powder & Paint targets customers looking for a custom, high end spa experience. For the salon’s branding we settled on a clean but modern look with pops of gold. I was approached to create the logo, branding, website and marketing materials before the salon opened a month later.


For this project I focused on making the logo fit well for the use cases- store signs, displays, menus, business cards, social media, etc. The logo and slogan quickly relays the look & feel of the brand while clearly stating the services offered.

Color Palette & Patterns

Powder & Paint’s target demographic is millennial orthodox Jewish women in Monsey, NY. The look incorporates white marble, with pops of gold and pink. The salon has a modern, airy and clean feel. The color palette compliments and accentuates the physical space.

Podwer and Paint (11 of 50).jpg
Brand new salon in the heart of Monsey.png


Because Powder & Paint is a brand new salon, they needed a fresh and attractive marketing strategy to establish themselves. We relied on an organic strategy for social media and ran ads in the local newspaper.

Podwer and Paint (6 of 50).jpg

Beauty by Estee 




Estee loves the modern and minimalist trend, but she also loves glitz and glam. I combined the two to create a signature look. 



In order to help Estee promote her brand on social media, I created marketing assets to drum up excitement for upcoming events. 


Generation O

Branding | Web Design | UX/UI



Generation O is about being sophisticated but feminine. In one design I tried to capture the heart of Generation O, a woman who is—

Sassy. Bold. Strong. Provocative. Classy. Direct. Progressive. Brave. Witty.

A straightforward, clean design highlights the rich content on the site.



With more and more people turning to their phone to consume information, it was imperative the Generation O look fantastic on any phone. I took a mobile first approach making sure that every user had a beautiful and seamless experience.


David Fin Ties

Graphic Design

I worked with David Fin to create a printout for their custom tailor program. David Fin's brand has all the classic design and quality of a luxury brand. Using David Fin's colors, font and logo as inspiration, I created the printout to reflect the quality and elegance of the ties. 



MattyAx copy.jpg

המשפחה שלי

In many ways, my project is a duality.

While I portray an understanding of all the elements of the Chasidic traditions in which I was raised, there is a distance. These photographs depict an insider/outsider perspective.  I am both intimately aware of this way of life, but at the same time somewhat critical. Gender roles in particular play a large part in this project.  In Fatherhood, I depict my father in a faithful manner; he is often at his desk distracted by a host of things. Moreover, the figures on his desk play a key role in the photograph.  The silver statue of Apollo on the left represents his old life—he had an interest in the arts, it bears his “English” name Albie as opposed to the Hebrew name he now prefers “Malachi,” and most importantly belonged to his late father, a business mogul who did not subscribe to any religion.  The wooden statue of the farmer on the right represents his new life of peaceful resignation—he took to raising goats and chickens, tending to his property while he practices religion.  In contrast, Motherhood portrays my mother as the matriarch she represents. I often say my mother is the perfect image of maternity—her empathy has no bounds and she is the rock for so many people around her. Yet, although I revere my parents, it is hard to overlook my judgments of their chosen lifestyle—their willingness to pursue an antiquated way of life.

Finally, through the project I hoped to both dispel the stereotypical view of Chasidic Jews while also discovering who I am within that community. Often with sub-cultures, popular media paints broad strokes, hoping to capture the community as whole.  A caricature of the Chasidic community was created as a coping mechanism for those not within its bounds—a way to make some sense of the mysterious customs.  The stereotype of Chasidic Jews depicts them as disconnected and uncultured.  Yet, my family clearly does not fit that mold in many ways. While my dad does have the obligatory beard, and my mother dresses modestly, so many aspects of my family life do no fall within the wide net cast by the stereotype. Like so many other Americans, they are connected to their smart phones and read People every week on the Sabbath.  However, while I was trying to dismiss the typical view of Chasidic Jews in my photographs, I was also finding my place within my family and my community. In many ways, I am an outcast—I chose to go to a secular college, I chose to wear jeans and I chose to date a non-Jew. Nevertheless, through this process I have come to learn that although I do not fit the picture of a Chasidic Jew, it will always be the community that shaped me.


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