Consultant, Miriam Ash Consulting

Brooklyn, NY | 2016-present

  • Create branding, marketing assets and website for upstart nail salon Powder & Paint

  • Create branding and responsive web design for the blog Generation O

  • Create branding and marketing assets for makeup artist Beauty by Estee

  • Create marketing assets for tie startup David Fin

Marketing Manager, Alt Legal

New York, NY | 2017-present

Conduct testing on copy, graphics and audience across advertising platforms resulting in a 50% decrease in CPC cost and an increase in inbound marketing leads by 10x. Utilized a strategic content plan to improve Alt Legal’s Google search ranking for targeted keywords from the 8th to the 3rd position in 6 months. Executed a successful blog migration and redesign from Posthaven to Squarespace- blog.altlegal.com


Consultant, Little Digital Co 

Brooklyn, NY | 2016-2017

Create content strategy for Nestle’s icecream.com including a buyer persona, brand identity, voice and go to market strategy. Design marketing assets for Mira winery.


Chief Design Officer, Bucket 

Brooklyn, NY | 2016-2017

Conceptualize and create wireframe, branding, prototype and MVP for iOS app. Design and launch company website on Squarespace.


Online Marketing Manager, JCCSF 

San Francisco, CA | 2015-2016

Responsible for a 25% increase in Facebook likes and a 40% increase in Twitter followers. Manage JCCSF’s social media properties including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp, and Pinterest. Expanded JCCSF presence to Instagram, Tumblr and Periscope. 


Consultant, Team Mayday 

Santa Monica, CA | 2014-2015

Editor of Healthy B Daily, a blog with 30,000 unique views per month. Grew Facebook to 47k likes and Twitter to 16k followers.


Digital Consultant, NY Daily News 

New York, NY | 2013-2014

Empowered small businesses to expand their online presence with strategic marketing and responsive websites. 


Content Manager, The News Funnel 

Morristown, NJ | 2012-2013

Managed a content team and collaborated with the tech team to implement site improvements. Expanded the company to 24 new markets in 6 months. 


Partner Development, Associated Press

New York, NY | 2010



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