a new kind of social media app

At Play Bucket App we set out to break down the physical barriers that exist between friends, family, and strangers by creating a different kind of social media app. Transforming the idea into a budding company as Chief Design Officer took me far out of my comfort zone. 


Powder & Paint

nails waxing beauty bar in the ❤️ of Monsey

Two sister-in-laws banded together to create the nail salon that Monsey is missing. They brought me on to bring their brand to life. From ideation to creation we worked together to create a brand

Generation O

David Fin Flyer

David Fin Ties

Alt Legal

analytics & design driven marketing

As marketing manager and designer at Alt Legal, I have creative control over the entire span of a campaign from conception, execution to analytics. 

Adobe Creative Jam

from idea to prototype in 3 hours

At the very beginning of my design career, I participated in Adobe Creative Jam with fellow designer, Paula Borowska. At 5pm we were given the prompt "How can you make it easier to be a superhero in New York?" By 9pm we were announced the winners. It was a wild ride. 

Beauty by Estee




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