Generation O

Generation O

Branding | Web Design | UX/UI

Nestled somewhere between Boomer and X, there is a group of women who are not defined by generational stereotypes. They’ve simply crushed it by asking questions, avoiding societal constraints, ignoring judgey people and challenging the status quo. Generation O is for women hitting the big Four-O.



Generation O is about being sophisticated but feminine. In one design I tried to capture the heart of Generation O, a woman who is—

Sassy. Bold. Strong. Provocative. Classy. Direct. Progressive. Brave. Witty.

A straightforward, clean design highlights the rich content on the site.


With more and more people turning to their phone to consume information, it was imperative the Generation O look fantastic on any phone. I took a mobile first approach making sure that every user had a beautiful and seamless experience.