Miriam Ash
Miriam Ash
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Powder & Paint

Powder & Paint




Powder & Paint targets customers looking for a custom, high end spa experience. For the salon’s branding we settled on a clean but modern look with pops of gold. I was approached to create the logo, branding, website and marketing materials before the salon opened a month later.


For this project I focused on making the logo fit well for the use cases- store signs, displays, menus, business cards, social media, etc. The logo and slogan quickly relays the look & feel of the brand while clearly stating the services offered.

Color Palette & Patterns

Powder & Paint’s target demographic is millennial orthodox Jewish women in Monsey, NY. The look incorporates white marble, with pops of gold and pink. The salon has a modern, airy and clean feel. The color palette compliments and accentuates the physical space.

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Because Powder & Paint is a brand new salon, they needed a fresh and attractive marketing strategy to establish themselves. We relied on an organic strategy for social media and ran ads in the local newspaper.

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